To be the premier institution recognized for distinction in teaching, learning and outreach. To provide the highest quality education, nurture the latent talents of students, promote merit, and stay steadfast in pursuit of knowledge based on essence of antiquity and modernity.


Steering students towards introspection, innovation and self-learning to have a purposeful engagement with futuristic world with an open mind and a balanced perspective.

Core Values

INTEGRITY ---------> Build relationship with stakeholders based on trust, honesty and respect.
PASSION AND PRIDE ---------> Love for what we do to seek and strive for excellence.
CARE ---------> Students and their aspirations would be the epicenter of all institutional endeavors.
CREATIVITY ---------> We will celebrate innovation, experimentation and scientific temper.
COMPASSION ---------> Strive to realize preciousness of each human life.
EXCELLENCE ---------> Walk hand-in-hand with failures and victories in our journey towards excellence.

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